Announcing TDS on Tour: Progressive Palaeontology 2014

Dear avid TDS readers, Richard and I humbly apologize for not posting for what seems like an epoch. We’ve both been incredibly busy with various palaeontological projects. To make up for it, we’re providing coverage of Progressive Palaeontology 2014 ! Prog Pal is an annual conference (this year in Southampton) for palaeontologists early in their career (masters and PhD students for example), and is a great way for people like Richard and I to try our hand at conferences (as the big ones like SVP can be pretty scary for first-timers). It’s also a great way to meet fellow palaeontologists and present your ideas. Both Richard and I are presenting at Prog Pal this year; Richard with a poster on early stem-gnathostome evolution, and myself on the function and phylogeny of the endocranium.




Our coverage will start tomorrow, and will mainly be on our Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll be more than likely giving you mundane updates when we inevitably get stuck in traffic on our way down to Southampton. We’ll also put together a post each on our experience from the conference and tips for fellow first timers, along with our highlights etc. We know that the acclaimed Palaeocast will also be providing (albeit much better and complete) coverage of Prog Pal 2014, so we urge you guys to check those out over the next few days! After Prog Pal, Richard and I also hope to get the blog back on track, now we have a smidgen more time on our hands.

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