Introducing TDS: A new way to R&R!

Hello world. The first thing this blog will do is apologise for two ridiculous abbreviations:

  1. TDS: The Dino Sirs
  2. R&R: Ryan & Richard (also rest & recuperation, pun)

This is indeed a joint blog run by two palaeontologists (in training currently, see more here): me (Ryan) and Richard (not me). We understand that trying to get a grasp of palaeontology through the primary literature can be frightful, attempting to wade through literature  full of ridiculous abbreviations (example). It’s also full of needlessly long names (example) and superfluous grammatical rules. So, we’d like to give the ‘bloggosphere’ (you) a relaxed summary of all the new and exciting palaeontological goodness that’s going on. We’d also like to give you an insight into what palaeontologists get up to (Hint: procrastination), and how to (if you’re super keen like us two) get into it. Finally, we love a lot of palaeo-blogs (Tet Zoo, SPVOW, WIJF,, Theropoda, DHAM to name a few), so we thought we’d give it a good go.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got lots more (potentially) in the pipeline, including:

  • Guest bloggers!
  • Vertebrate of the Week!
  • FAQ’s!
  • Weekly news!
  • Palaeontology for Dummies!
  • And much more!

We can’t promise (unlike the name suggests, that was just a tasty morsel to catch your attention, apologies) they’ll be dinosaurs all the time. But we can promise (sort of) that we’ll keep you up to date with the latest palaeontological news as and when it happens. Oh, and silly, vaguely related things Richard and I get up to.

Until then, sit back, R (follow us on Twitter) &R.

(And then groan, as that abominable pun-reiteration was awful. To compensate here’s some dinosaurs:)