This blog was forged in the fires of procrastination on the 15th day of December 2013, in a vague attempt to give the internet the latest palaeontological news in a gentlemanly, informal setting. Think a gentleman’s club, but with more dinosaurs and fewer musty leather chairs. For a better introduction, read this.

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Tyrannosaur skull with idiot (Ryan) for scale.

I’m currently a masters student at the University of Bristol. I have a broad interest in the biomechanics, functional morphology and evolutionary trends of archosaurs. In Layman’s terms, dinosaurs and crocodiles are awesome. I’m working on the digital description of a juvenile ichthyosaur (Hauffiopteryx typicus). I also am a regular partaker in Bristol Improv Soc (I think I’m funny), as well as video games, general literature and music (guitar/ukulele).

Follow me on Twitter (and prepare for #notosuchia).


Dunky costume

Palaeobiological fancy dress is the best kind of fancy dress. I’ll be impressed if you can guess what it is.

I’m also a master’s student at the University of Bristol.  While I enjoy anything palaeontological, I find systematics particularly interesting, which apparently makes me weird.  I also have a soft spot for Palaeozoic fish, because someone has to.  Outside of palaeontology I enjoy singing (I sing in The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers) and music generally (I play the ukulele and the clarinet).

You can also follow me on Twitter.  (I think Ryan should stop trying to make #notosuchia happen.  It’s not going to happen).


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